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Technical Presentation Template and Upload Tool

Read the following instructions carefully.

If you have a paper approved for presentation at the CSCE 2023 Annual Conference in Moncton, use the conference PowerPoint Template below to prepare your presentation. You may use your own PowerPoint template if you prefer, but make sure it is set to 16:9 format (not 4:3).


VERY IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage all presenters to upload their presentations in advance of the conference as doing so onsite creates a lot of logistical issues.


As an incentive, everyone who uploads their presentations before 11 PM (ADT) on Sunday, May 21st, will be entered into a draw to receive a $500 Best Buy gift card.


You must name your file: LastName_PaperID_Session 

or your presentation will be rejected and you will have to resubmit.

Conference PowerPoint Template

Presentation Upload Form

Upload File(PPT or PDF)

Thanks for submitting!

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